{The Mutators}

This site is a good assortment of UT Demo mutators I have compiled from various sources. The best thing is... no waiting in line like FilePlanet. Well, here they are:

Skins and VoicePacks:

Bucket 2 Model: A robot with 2 legse and a HUGE smile. All team colors. Just add ServerPackages=bucket2 and ServerPackages=bucket2Skins and it'll work online.
RayMan Model: You know him from his games. Just add ServerPackages=Rayman and ServerPackages=RaymanSkins and it'll work online.
Lego man Model: A cool little lego man model. Just add ServerPackages=lego and it'll work online.
JerkyBoys Skin: A clown-like skins with 5 faces and 2 team colors. Just add ServerPackages=SoldierSkins_jb and it'll work online.
FragMe! Skin: A skin that has a large target on his chest with red arrows pointing to it, and a paper sign on the back that says "frag me". Just add ServerPackages=SoldierSkins_fragme and it'll work online.
AoD VoicePack: Changes the UT voices to such voices as 'How about some hot chouculate huh?' and 'Yo She-Bitch, Let's Go'. And more. Add ServerPackages=AoDPackage and it'll work online.

Game Changing Mods/Mutes:

Admin Tool by TNSE: Creates a Mod-Menu option has has various admin configurations, like password, pause countdown feature (really cool, kinda), kick players (even bots), and other accessories.
Config Decals (DecalStay for UTDemo): Makes decals last longer, almost permanent. You know what it is, lol!
MapVote: At the end of the game, vote for a map to play on in the next round chosen in a list. You can also vote to kick players off the server too.
DominateDM: Allows DOM to be played in DM maps. Randomly sets 3 control points at 3 random spawn locations.
CSHP for UTDemo: Stop those hackers in their tracks with this client-side hack protector.
StuffSwapper: Take weapons/items from other mods/mutators and mix em all together. Use this with regular weapons, U4e4UT, and InfiltrationUT to have a triple gun-type server.
No-Item Unreal Tournament (NIUT): "Everyone plays with the same weapon at all times. Weapon changes every X seconds. Weapon is chosen from a configurable list of weapons and this *should* work with any Weapon-derived classes, even non-UT weapons (including the Unreal weapons, although this hasn't been tested yet). Weapons are selected randomly or sequentially. If weapons are selected randomly can optionally force all weapons to be used at least once before restarting the selection process. Replaces all pickup items in the level with ammo for the current weapon. If the current weapon doesn't require ammo, uses health vials. Flags, runes etc. and the translocator aren't affected. Plays a warning sound 3 times just before weapon is changed. To have some weapons used more frequently that others, just put these in WeaponClassStrings more than once. Can optionally have the server increment everyone's health automatically. Can optionally have server give everyone jumpboots, invisibility and/or the damage amplifier at random times and for random durations. Should work with most other mutators, including the Fatboy mutator. Should work with most gametypes (CTF, Domination). Works with bots." - From the README

Weapon Changing Mods/Mutes:

Grapple: Replaces the translocator with a grapple hook.
All Weapons: Loads you up ready for fun!
Weapon Arena: Weapon Arena is an arena mutator -- it replaces all weapons with weapons of a single type, and all ammo with the ammo which corresponds to the weapon type. The default weapon is of the same type. However, the Weapon Arena mutator allows you to choose the weapon which will be used in the Arena match. You can choose any of the Unreal Tournament weapons, any of the Unreal 1 weapons, and any third-party weapons.
ca's Sniper Mutator: Everyone starts out with a modified shock rifle. As you gain frags, you get enhancements to your shockrifle (Lasersight, Zoom, Fast Shot, Explosive Shot, Enhanced Shot, Ghost Shot). Also, if you are hit, or you hit someone, the damage of the area where the damage is taken varies (3x in the head, 1/2 in leg but 1/2 movement, normal in torso). And a nice little HUD display on the left shows which powerups you have, shots fired, shots hit, and accuracy.
Infiltration Weapons: Fight with weapons such as the Shotgun, M16, Handgun, AT4, Grenade Launcher, Sniper Rifle, etc.
Unreal4Ever Mutator (U4e4UT): Fight with weapons such as the Freezer, the Nuker, Baby Nukem Doll, Hellsaw, Python, M16, Phasor, Railgun, FleshBomb Rifle, Flamer, and Quicksilver.
Unreal4Ever Halloween 99 Weapons: Adds a new weapons called the 'pitchfork' and changes the rocket launcher so Primary Fire is skulls and Secondary Fire is pumpkin heads.

Other Changing Mods/Mutes:

RuneZ 1.0: Adds several runes to the level which effects attack and defence:

Strength Rune: While you have this "Rune", you do 2x Damage.
Pestilence Rune: Everything around you takes some damage
Regen Rune: Your health slowly regenerates up to 150%.
Resist Rune: You take only half damage.
Vampire Rune: Whenever you hit some one, you get 50% of the damage you dealt added to your health.
Barb Rune: Whenever you hit some one who has this rune, you will take 50% of the damage you dealt. Be careful of using a strength rune, damage amplifier, or fully loaded eightball on someone with this rune, as you will instantly kill yourself.

Revenge: If a person kills you, and you respawn and kill them first, you get bonus frags (on the SOLDIER server, it's 3 frags).
Soul Harvest: Once a person dies, their transparent soul raises toward the sky. Grab it to get a frag. NOTE: Just killing the guy wont get you a frag with this mutator. You must grab the soul (unless other score-effecting mutators are in place).
Bleeder: This mutator cause an injured person to bleed from where he is hit.
Bloodtrails 2: Bloody footprints appear after running over a gibbed corpse.
Chunky Fun!: As you attack/hit the enemy, gore flys off. Combine with MoreGore for a GOREFEST!
MoreGore: When a person dies, there corpse explodes into more gore than the regular.
Pinata: When a character dies, every powerup/weapon being carryed is dropped, even ones (s)he isn't using.
AntiLamer: This mutator limits how a player's suicides affects the team's over score, and limits how many times a player can kill their own teammates before they are on the Lamer's List.
Capture the Tree: Instead of a flag in CTF, its a Christmas tree. Also chanegs the view when you press F1.
Fatboy: The more people you kill, the fatter you get; and the more you die, the skinnier you get.
Hunting: A "King of the Hill" type of mutator where one person is 'it' and the object of the game is to be 'it'. You turn a translucent yellow color if 'it'.
Health Glow: Displays the amount of health a person has with a glowing aura around that person. From highest to lowest: Blue, green, orange, yellow, red, DEATH (no aura, just a corpse)!
Mutator 6 Pack: Includes:

Vampire: You'll get 50 health for every frag.
Night Fight: You'll fight in a dark arena, but not pitch black like Eavy's Darkmatch.
Instant Respawn: All weapons and pickups will respawn instantly.

Translocam: A mutator which adds a spy camera to the top left of your screen while using the translocator; very useful!
TwinsenEd's Mutator Pack of 3: Includes:

Fluxuating Gravity: gravity changes every few seconds, randomly chosen gravity from the minimum and maximum values.
Slipperyness: makes the level slick, normal game slickness is about 9.0, this is default at 0.1.
Meat!: corpses give you a specified health, default is 40.

Crotch Shot: Allows for one hit crotch shots.
Kick Idle Players 2: Kick players from servers who are not playing.
ServerAdds: Show a message on a player's screen in online games.

Find a working UT Demo mutator not on here? Contact {SOLDIER}Chaos. Good day.